[center][text maxwidth=”680″ fontsize=”13″ ]Whether your company is a start-up or mature, I provide brand development expertise specifically tailored for your needs and goals, at an affordable price.[/text][/center]

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[services_box title=”BRANDING” icon=”registered” ]For a company logo represents the visual identity of it. It will appear in all documents in the header, on the company’s website, business cards, flyers or in various folders of the company.[/services_box]

[services_box title=”PHOTO AND VIDEO” icon=”camera” ]The root of my passion lies in a deeply personal commitment to the creation of remarkable and arresting images that motivate the customer. The marriage of these two objectives poses a daily challenge; achieving it results in a moment of brilliance.[/services_box]
[services_box title=”WEB DESIGN” icon=”globe” ]WEB DESIGN or WEBDESIGN means the realization of web sites, from the time of conception of the structure and graphic interface and up to completion of the coding and data entry – images, text, files and other items – which make up the content of the site.[/services_box]

[services_box title=”WEB HOSTING” icon=”server” ]With any of our web hosting packages you will get a bunch of charge free service features that will help you get your blog, CMS, image gallery or e-school get online within minutes, and manage its popularity and accessibility right from your Control Panel.[/services_box]